About Me

Hirotaka Hiraki / 平城 裕隆

I’m software engineer, researcher, juggler, and master course student at The University of Tokyo, Rekimoto Laboratory. My research topic is about Human Computer Interaction (HCI).



2020 – present : Master Course, Computer Science & Engineering, The University of Tokyo. Advisor : Jun Rekimoto

2016 – 2019 : Bachelor of Information and Communication Engineering, The University of Tokyo. Advisor : Hiroshi Esaki, and Hideya Ochiai


Takuya Hara, Hirotaka Hiraki, Naoki Kimura, Hiromi Nakamura and Jun Rekimoto PoseTuner: Sonification Based Fine-Tuning of Pose with Unsupervised Learning, HAA2021 (CHI 2021 workshop)

Hirotaka Hiraki and Jun Rekimoto, SilentMask: Mask-type Silent Speech Interface with Measurement of Mouth Movement, Augmented Humans 2021

Research Experiences

Feb 2020 – present : Human Augmentation Research Center, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology. Research Assistant

Apr 2020 – present Rekimoto Lab, The University of Tokyo. Master Student (advisor : Jun Rekimoto)

Apr 2019 – Mar 2020 Esaki Ochiai Lab, The University of Tokyo Bachelor Student (advisor : Hiroshi Esaki, and Hideya Ochiai) Analysis of ransomware time series data to identify abnormal processing and verify the possibility of system recovery

Computer Skills

Programming Language : Python, C++/C, Javascript, Ruby, Golang, Java

Backend : Ruby on Rails, Apache, Mysql, GCP, Docker

3DCG : Blender, Fusion360, Rhinoceros, Unity

Design : Illustrator, Indesign, Photoshop, AfterEffect, Premier Pro

Others : Deep Learning(Pytorch, Tensorflow), 3D printer, Eagle


Research Interest : Wearable Interface, Silent Speech, Speech Recognition, Spacial Audio

Hobby : Ball Juggling : 3-7 balls / Classical Guitar / Design, Desktop Publishing